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Pushing Boundaries
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Perhaps the best example of where we have pushed the boundaries is the 'WHAT WE WANT' Teenage Garden. We took five teenagers aged 13-16 and encouraged them to design the garden of their dreams. We acted as mentors but it was their design - they even skipped school to help build it! The result was the largest ever RHS show garden, complete with skateboard half pipe, chill zone and meadow, the garden received heavy national TV news coverage from BBC, ITV and News 24.

The garden was awarded a silver-gilt medal and the coveted RHS Most Original and Innovative Show Garden 2002.

Another fine example of pushing the boundaries was the BBC Neighbourhood Garden. A bizarre blend of new and old, traditional and contemporary. The garden included graffiti, raised vegetable beds, an oak framed building, log walls, rubber safety surfacing and four smaller gardens by amateur designers who had won a BBC competition. It was decided that this garden could not be entered for a medal, as it was perhaps a bit too radical and contentious for both the RHS judges and the viewing public.

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